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50kW to 250kW self owned systems

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Orta design plan and build 50kW to 250kW roof & ground mounted Solar PV systems- and we build them quickly! We have become expert in turning around a 50kW ground mounted installation typically in 5 weeks from your order for the construction element, the whole project taking a little longer depending on how long the local DNO & Planning office take to respond. We prefer to use Suntech or other tier 1 Solar panels, a proven Mage Sunfixings or SunHarvest framework system by SolarFast and Danfoss 15kW Professional quality inverters. Alternative configurations can also be delivered to suit your budget.

Key features of an Orta Solar project that delivers real benefits to our clients:

  • Armoured AC cables sized for 1% losses (others work to 3% or
  • more)
  • Export metering installed so you can sell the electricity (les than 20% of 50kW installations have this- it’s COMPLICATED!!)
  • Webserver functionality built into the inverters so that you can monitor your inverters remotely and more easily see if there is a performance problem
  • Transformer-less high efficiency inverters used exclusively
  • ISKRA Generation meter with SIM card dial in functionality to check your systems output remotely
  • Tier 1 Solar Panels with 25 year warranties
  • Tier 1 Framework system designed to last for 25 years
  • Tier 1 profesional inverters with master / slave and remote monitor functionality