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Large Solar PV Projects, a solid incremental income

As a landowner, you may have read about the opportunity to host a large solar power station. For you it can represent a solid incremental annual income generated on a modest 10 to 50Ha of your land for a 5 to 25MW park. Having built and led teams that have successfully planned 90MW and constructed 30MW of Solar parks in the UK, the leading team at Orta Solar are amongst the most experienced in the UK.

Constraints on size beyond your own land use strategy are with regard to local planning and the cost of electrically connecting the output to the electricity networks. Orta have experts in both these challenges and we are happy to offer a free consultation on the potential within your land ownership. All of Orta’s development activities are carried under the name of Steadfast Solar 1 Ltd and you can see a little about current activities on this page.


Typical Solar PV Development Stages

Site Pre-selection- 2 to 6 weeks

  • Site Lease selection- a review of the ownership / leasing / longevity plans for each of the land parcels being considered
  • Site Pre-selection- Mixture of a desktop and on site exercise to identify the solar kWh potential of a site
  • Orta Solar exclusivity- a short agreement that binds you to Orta Solar whilst we invest further capital in developing the paperwork around your site.

Paper Power Plant- 2 to 6 months

  • Land surveys- archaeological, substructure, acidity, topographical, landscape / visual, flood risk, highways and access
  • Electrical grid survey- survey of the capacity and constraints in the local grid
  • System mechanical & electrical design
  • Grid application to the local electrical network operator
  • Planning application submission and approval

It can take 3 to 5 months to receive the planning approvals and grid connection offers! At this stage the ‘paper power plant’ is ready for construction. Orta are retained by several of the UK’s largest Solar investors to develop sites on their behalf and our paperwork is created with straightforward financing in mind from the outset.

Site Construction, 2 to 6 months

  • Component and access system ordering
  • Preparatory Groundworks
  • Framework installation and panel fixing
  • Electrical DC / AC cabling, inverter, transformer and metering installation
  • System test witnessing, connection to grid and switch on- Celebrate!
  • Submission to OFGEM proof of installation for FiT registration

Operations & Maintenance

It is usual for the solar construction company that built the power station to be ‘on the hook’ to run it for the first couple of years; at least to ensure that it delivers as promised. After that, the owners of the installation are free to choose an alternative O&M vendor.