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A little about our business…

Orta Solar Ltd is part of the Orta Group Ltd. which is wholly owned by our Directors and employees. We deliver commercial Solar PV systems, develop multi megawatt solar power stations and electrically maintain UK Solar Power systems.

Our business is staffed by a team of deeply experienced professional people with backgrounds in agricultural and major corporate life. Over the last 18 months since the Feed in Tariff scheme was launched in the UK, our team members have planned 90,000kW and constructed 28,000kW, successfully managing over £80M of investment to date. We maintain & operate systems from 50kW to 5MW. We’re a great partner and ready to deliver a successful PV system for you.

“Knowledge, process, results – for a successful partnership.”

This is the guiding principle behind Orta Solar Ltd’s approach to doing business. With many years of experience in local and national solar PV and other energy development projects, we have earned our credibility as dependable, no-nonsense developers that consistently deliver rock-solid results – on time and within budget.

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